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Production Process

Bona Fide Beauty is dedicated providing the best quality authentic Czech Glass Nail Files.

For centuries Czech Crystal Glass or Bohemian glass has been recognized globally for its high quality, craftsmanship and beauty. 

Production Process

1. Chemical Etching

The Production of the Czech Glass File Abrasive Surface is achieved by chemical etching or acid engraving: the action of applying a mixture of acids onto the glass surface.

  • Grinding elements are formed right out of the glass body, it is a part of the file itself.
  • This distinguishes Czech Crystal Nail Files significantly from other files.
  • The Production technology is a modification of the process of glass etching that has been used in the glass industry for centuries.

Superior Grinding Surface

Other types of files, such as Metal File & Emery Boards, usually have the grinding grains attached to a base; in the course of time the grains tend to fall off and the file blunts. This never happens with the glass nail files. At the same time due to the production by chemical reaction very evenly roughened and sharp abrasive surfaces are obtained, which gives to the grinding surface of glass nail files its outstanding grinding qualities.

Chemical Etching

2. Cut & Shape

Once the production of the abrasive surface is complete, cutting of the shape of the glass nail file begins.

Cutting of crystal nail files is carried out by traditional hand grinding.

3. Chemical Hardening

The glass nail files are subjected to high temperatures.

During the hardening process the sodium ions in surface layers of glass are exchanged for potassium ions, the process increases the surface tension and overall firmness and mechanical resistance of the crystal nail files.
Subsequently sorting and quality control are carried out; thereby the process of production of the crystal nail files is finished.

4. Decore

The final stage of the production process is adding beautiful colors & decorations to the file with some of the decoration techniques we offer.

Decorations include adding unique colors and color-gradients to the files, photo-printing, silk-screen printing & swarovski crystal stone designs.


BFB's Guarantee to you

During the production of Bona Fide Beauty's Crystal Glass Nail Files we accentuate top-notch quality and high-class workmanship. The majority of the manufacturing operations are performed in traditional by-hand manner that enables running quality control.

Standards are stipulated for all production operations, against which the products are inspected after each operation., Moreover all products are subjected to one-hundred-percent final inspection.

This system guarantees the outstanding quality of Bona File Beauty's Crystal Nail Files.

You are getting a top-class hand-made product.