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How to Use

Bona Fide Beauty's Czech Glass Files are very easy to use. Simply file your nails gently in a back and forth motion carefully filing & shaping the nails edge. 


Bona Fide Beauty's Czech Glass Files are designed for regular, long-term use.

They feature a fine to medium grit double-sided etched filing surface which is gentle on natural nails. The grit is best described as similar to that of a cat's tongue. 

Easy to Clean
You may notice a light, white residue covering your file after you file your nails. This is simply nail dust left over from your nails newly shaped nails. To clean your file, wipe the abrasive surface of the file with a damp towel.

Alternatively, rinse the filing surface under cool running water. If desired, a gentle anti-bacterial spray can be applied to the abrasive surface, avoiding the colored handle, to disinfect the file. Finally, let your file dry out on a soft towel before storing it safely in it's case.

*For decorated files, such as Swarovski Crystal Designs, avoid wetting the handles. Avoid exposing files to solvents, harsh disinfectants and high temperatures since the decoration may deteriorate in such conditions.

Artificial Nails
Czech Glass Files can be used on Artificial Nails. We recommend dipping your file in water between filing for best results.

Working with Different Nail Types
While BFB Glass Nail Files are suited to most nail types, everyone’s nails are different. Some people have thick, strong nails while others may have thin, sensitive nails. 

If you find them too rough on your nails, try dipping the file in water between filing to help soften or dull the abrasive surface. Take is slow: file and shape the nail gently and regularly over time. With regular, long-term use your nails will strengthen and become less sensitive to the filing experience.

If you find they are too fine grit or gentle for your nails, we recommend using them alongside other nail care tools, such as Nail Clippers. Use your clippers to remove the bulk of the nail. Follow-up with your BFB Glass Nail File to shape the nail edge and seal the natural keratin layers together, leaving the nail edge smooth and healthy.

Please allow yourself time to adjust to using Glass Nail Files.

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