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Foot Scraper File

Bona Fide Beauty's Czech Glass Foot Scraper File is perfect for removing hard skin and calluses and keeping feet feeling smooth and healthy. 
  • Length: 6.5 in (165 mm)
  • Width: 1.4 in (35 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.2 in (6 mm)
  • Filing Surface: Double-Sided Etched Filing Surface
  • Grit:  1 Fine Side & 1 Rough Side
  • End: Rounded End
  • Case: Plastic Sleeve
  • Works best on soft skin. We recommend using your Foot Scraper after a short foot soak, shower or bath.
  • Prop your foot up as comfortably as possible: either place it on the edge of the bath or on a chair, alternatively sit on the ground or on your bed and prop it up on your knee with the sole & heel turned upwards facing you. 
  • Gently scrape off hard skin & calluses on the heal and sole of the foot with a backwards and forwards motion.

  • Don't overdo it, the Foot Scraper File is designed to be gentle & used regularly. Depending on the thickness of the skin, it may take a few sessions to completely remove the hard skin. Over time you will notice your feet feel softer.

  • We recommend finishing your Foot Scraping session by lathering the skin in a nourishing moisturizer to help hydrate & soften the skin.

  • Designed to be gentle on the skin & designed for regular use, file your feet with a light touch, in any direction, without damaging the skin
  • Long-term, regular use promotes healthier, smoother skin
  • The glass surface is tempered via chemical etching to ensure the nail file is wear-resistant & retains the integrity of the filing surface after multiple uses
  • Easy to grip and press down on the feet with a decent amount of pressure
  • Their non-porous glass surface prevents the growth of unhealthy bacteria & fungus. Easy to wash, simply rinse under running water
  • Easy to clean; simply rinse the file under running water & let it dry out on a soft towel. Anti-bacterial spray can be used to disinfect the file