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Customer Questions

Where is this file made? Which country?
Bona Fide Beauty's Czech Glass Nail Files are made in The Czech Republic from Genuine Czech Float Glass of the Finest Quality. We guarantee they are the real deal.

Is this file made of lead-free glass?
Yes, BFB's Products are 100% Lead-Free.

What grit is the file?
We classify our Nail Files as Fine - Medium Grit, so they probably fall in the 240 - 180 grit category, leaning more towards the 240. 

Do the files come with a protective sleeve?
Bona Fide Beauty Files either come with a protective plastic sleeve or plastic hard case, please check the Amazon listing carefully prior to making your purchase.

How long will the filing surface last?
Czech Glass Nail Files are very durable long lasting. If treated with care they can last you a number of years. The files are made from chemically hardened Czech Float Glass of the finest quality. The surface of the file is chemically etched so it won’t wear off like an emery board or other cheaper nail file alternatives.

In our experience, some customers choose to replace their files after 12 - 24 months, while others can have a glass files for 5+ years!

A unique feature of Czech Glass Files is their ability to be used over and over again due to their durability and hygienic nature.

What makes Czech Glass Nail Files Hygienic is their non-porous glass surface, which does not absorb water and in turn prevents the growth of nasty bugs and fungus to grow. You can wash them under water, dry them off and use them again, unlike other files which should be thrown away after a few uses due to the risk of unhealthy hygiene.

As you continue to use your Glass File, the surface will feel smoother over time, but will still file the nail efficiently. BFB's Czech Glass Files are designed for regular, long-term use. We recommend using them on a regular basis to file, shape and strengthen the nail. They feature a fine to medium grit which is gentle on the natural nail. They help seal the Keratin layers of the nail together leaving the nail smooth and contributing to nail health with regular use.

Unlike emery boards, metal files or paper files which often need to be thrown away after only a short while, the glass file will continue to work perfectly after many uses, making it a more environmentally friendly nail care tool.

Is it normal if my file squeaks as I file?
If your file makes a slight squeaking sound as you file, this is normal. It is caused by the friction between the glass and your nail.

When I file I can smell a odour, is this normal?
On rare occasions, some people experience a slight smell after filing, this too is very natural.

As you file your nail, you are exposing bacteria that resides in the nail, thus causing the smell. We recommend keeping your nails as clean as possible between filing. You can also use organic air freshners or essential oils to mask the smell.

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