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Bona Fide Benefits

At Bona Fide Beauty we believe the journey to healthy, beautiful nails begins with high-quality Czech glass files that are gentle on natural nails.

Superior quality Czech glass
Bona Fide Beauty Glass Nail Files are made in The Czech Republic from 100% Genuine Czech Glass of the finest quality. Czech ‘Bohemian’ glass is a centuries old traditional form of glassmaking globally recognized for its superior craftsmanship & beauty. The glass is tempered (toughened) to ensure the glass is strong, wear-resistant & retains the integrity of the filing surface after multiple uses.

Improves nail health & strength
Regular, long-term use can strengthen and harden natural nails allowing you to grow long, healthy, beautiful nails!

File in any direction
Unlike emery boards and metal files, glass files file in both directions! Simply file the nail with a light touch, in any direction.

Filing that feels great!
They a feel smooth & gentle on the nail, and provide quick results. 

Expertly shape the nail
The fine grit, permanently etched abrasive surface allows precise filing. Expertly shape the nails for a professional 5-Star manicure.

Professional smooth finish
Nails are made from keratin, a protein that’s also found in your hair. Typical metal files and emery boards can be harsh on natural nails, tearing, shredding & damaging the keratin layers. Whereas, Bona Fide Beauty Czech glass nail files seal the natural keratin layers together at the nail's edge, preventing nail splitting, chipping & peeling, ultimately leaving nails healthy & smooth with no jagged edges.

Kick your nail biting habit!
Czech glass files build nail health & strength and keep your nails smooth and free from annoying snags, ultimately removing the temptation to bite your nails.

It’s non-porous glass surface prevents the growth of unhealthy bacteria & fungus, reducing the chance of nail infections. Glass nail files do not corrode, rust or rot like other files.

Reusable & easy to clean
To clean simply rinse abrasive surface under running water. If desired, a gentle disinfectant can be used on the abrasive filing surface, avoiding decorated handle.

Designed for both natural & artificial nails
When using on artificial nails we recommend dipping the file in water in-between uses.

Safe for all ages
An ideal nail care tool for Women, Men & Children. Their gentle grit makes them an ideal nail care tool for Young Children as well as the Elderly.

Salon professional nail care
Ideal for salon professionals

Beautiful designs!
BFB offer a great range of unique styles, sizes & designs for both Manicure & Pedicure purposes. 

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally glass nail files are superior as it is long lasting. Unlike typical emery boards, metal files or paper files which should be discarded after a few uses for hygiene reasons, Bona Fide Beauty Czech Glass Files will continue to work perfectly after many uses. You can recycle the glass nail file when you are ready for a new one. 

Cruelty Free
Not tested on animals.

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