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The Benefits

Made in the Czech Republic from 100% Genuine Czech Glass of the Finest Quality, we guarantee they are the real deal.

For centuries Czech Glass also known as Bohemian Glass has been recognised globally for its high quality, craftsmanship and beauty. You deserve the best.

Features a unique Fine to Medium Grit Double-Sided Etched Filing Surface which is gentle on natural nails.

Smooth Finish
Typical Nail Files, like Metal Files, are harsh on the natural nail and can shred and tear the Keratin Layers of the Natural Nail. Czech Glass Nail Files help seal the Keratin Layers of the nail together, leaving the nail feeling smooth.

Nail Care
Regular, long-term use on the natural nail can contribute to overall nail health & strength.

File in Both Directions
File your nail in both directions without damaging the nail. 

The glass surface is chemically hardened to ensure the nail file is wear-resistant & retains the integrity of the filing surface after multiple uses. The surface of the file won’t wear off, rust, tear or corrode like other cheaper nail file alternatives.

Their non-porous glass surface does not absorb water thus preventing the growth of unhealthy bacteria and fungus. While other nail care tools, including Metal Files, Emery Boards & Paper Files should ideally be discarded after a few uses due to hygienic concerns, BFB Czech Glass Files are designed for multiple uses. They can also be washed and disinfected. 

Easy to Clean 
Simply rinse the file under running water & let it dry out on a soft towel. Anti-bacterial spray can be used to disinfect the file 

Great for all ages
Perfect for shaping both natural & artificial nails, an ideal nail care tool for Women, Men and Nail Professionals. Their gentle grit makes them an ideal nail care tool for Young Children as well as the Elderly.

BFB offer a great range of unique styles, sizes & designs for both Manicure & Pedicure purposes. Please feel free to contact us for product recommendations via the Contact Us page.

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally glass nail files are superior as it is long lasting. Unlike typical emery boards, metal files or paper files which often need to be thrown away after only a short while due to hygienic issues, Bona Fide Beauty Czech Glass Files will continue to work perfectly after many uses. You can recycle the glass nail file when you are ready for a new one. 

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