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Care Tips

Bona Fide Beauty's Glass Nail Files are made from Genuine Czech Glass of the finest quality. During production the glass is tempered (toughened) to ensure they are strong, durable & long lasting.

While they are durable, please remember they are a glass item, and like any glass item, they should be handled with the utmost care.

We recommend a few simple care tips to ensure you get the most out of your Bona Fide Beauty Czech Glass File.

  • Glass nail files are designed to file the nails with a light touch in any direction. Use gentle pressure when filing your nails, try not to force down on the file with excessive force. If needed, support the file by placing your fingers on top of the file as you file your nails.

  • We highly recommend filing nails over a surface like a table, counter or bed, if you can, place a soft towel down incase you drop the file.

  • Store your files securely, avoid storing under heavy weight or pressure, such as in a bag or in a drawer where heavy items may unknowingly be placed on top of the file.
  • When carrying a file in your handbag or luggage, use a Plastic Hard Case, plastic sleeves do not offer adequate protection for this purpose.

  • Store your file in it’s original plastic sleeve or hard case when not in use to best protect your file.
  • Dropping the file from a height, bumping it against a hard surface, or placing it under heavy weight can lead to chipping and breakages, so please be careful when handling your glass file.
  • Bona Fide Beauty glass files are easy to clean: simply rinse abrasive surface under running water, avoiding decorated handle. 
  • gentle anti-bacterial spray can be applied to the abrasive surface to disinfect the file.
  • Let your file dry out on a soft towel before storing it safely in it's case. 
  • Always avoid the decorated handle when washing or disinfecting your file. Avoid exposing files to solvents, harsh disinfectants and high temperatures since the decoration may deteriorate in such conditions.
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