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Manufacturers Rebate Club

The Manufacturer's Rebates Club is the home of incredible deals from a range of brands on, Bona Fide Beauty! Enjoy incredibly good rebates on top-rated new releases from well-known companies. Apply today!

This week Bona Fide Beauty is offering our successful subscribers the chance to review Bona Fide Beauty's 2-Piece Cobalt Stained Glass Czech Glass Nail File Set! First you have to apply to our Manufacturers Rebate Club.

To apply, all you need is the following:
1) A USA address (Continental USA)
2) An Amazon Account
3) A PayPal Account

All transactions are done via Amazon (100% secure)
All rebates are done via PayPal (100% secure).

What's the dealio?
Generally we mail out 1 deal per month.
Our rebates take up to 10 days to process.
We take care of our MRC members, that is our guarantee.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy some gorgeous files, including deals on exclusive New Releases.

Also consider grabbing some stocking stuffers for Christmas, they make great gifts for friends & family.

Apply today, it's worth it.