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Baby Nail Files

At Bona Fide Beauty Baby Safety & Care is our #1 Priority.

  • Length: 3.5 in (90 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.08 in (2 mm)
  • Filing Surface: Fine Grit (similar to that of a cat's tongue)
    Double-Sided Etched Filing Surface
  • End: Rounded
  • Case: Hard Plastic Case


    • Bona Fide Beauty's baby nail files are easy to use. They feature a fine / soft grit, similar to that of a cat’s tongue. 
    • File your baby's nails with a lighter touch, in any direction, without damaging the nail
    • BFB's Baby Nail Files are designed for regular use, we recommend using them regularly to file and shape your babies nails and keep them trim, smooth & healthy


    • BFB's Baby Nail Files feature a smooth, rounded end with no sharp edges
    • Typical files, such as metal files or emery boards, can shred and tear the keratin layers of the nail, ultimately damaging the nail. Alternatively, Bona Fide Beauty's Czech Glass Baby Nail Files help seal the keratin layers together, building nail health & strength over time with regular, long-term use


    • BFB's Baby Nail Files come in small plastic hard cases which offer great protection to the glass file.
    • They can be safely stored in your handbag or baby carry bag


    • BFB's Baby Nail Files make wonderful gifts for friends, family, new mothers & baby showers. They are also suitable for adult use if you don't mind the cute designs. 


      Bona Fide Beauty Czech Glass Files are a delicate glass item, please handle with care. If breakages occur, dispose of glass carefully. The glass can be recycled.

      CHOKING HAZARD: Please be aware that our Small Files and Hard Case Sets feature small parts. Be careful when using around infants or small children. Adult supervision is always recommended.