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Bona Fide Beauty Entire Product Range February 2015

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BFB sell a range of high-quality Czech Glass nail & foot care products on Amazon. Achieve healthy, strong nails with our manicure & pedicure sets as well as smooth, soft feet with our Foot Scraper glass file. Check out our range today.

Neon Manicure Set:
Violet/Magenta Mani/Pedi Set:
Silver Manicure Set:
Optical Effect Manicure Set:
Glass Foot Scraper:
Single Manicure Files:
Gold & Silver Duo Manicure Set:

Amazon UK:
Violet/Magenta Mani/Pedi Set:
Gold & Silver Duo Manicure Set:

Bona Fide Beauty is committed to selling high-quality nail care products.

- BFB Czech Glass Files are manufactured in The Czech Republic from genuine Czech glass, we guarantee they are the real deal
- An ideal nail care tool for women, men & nail professionals around the world

- The glass is tempered via chemical hardening to ensure the file is wear-resistant & retains the integrity of the filing surface after multiple uses
- BFB Czech Glass Files are highly durable: they will not rust, tear, corrode or become unsightly unlike typical metal files & emery boards

- Czech Glass Nail Files have a non-porous glass surface, which prevents them from absorbing water and creating an environment for unhealthy bacteria and fungus to grow
- BFB Czech Glass Files are easy to clean, simply rinse the file under running water

Nail Care
- Designed for everyday use as part of a personal nail care regime. Perfect for shaping both natural and artificial nails
- Regular, Long-term use of BFB Czech Glass Files on the natural nail can prevent undesirable nail splitting/chipping & contribute to overall nail health & strength

- Come in a great range of unique styles, sizes & designs for both manicure & pedicure purposes
- Ideal gift for Christmas, Birthdays & special occasions. A perfect nail care tool for Nail Salons & Beauty Spa’s

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